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Windows 10 manages to get a 0.375 percent market share in July

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August 3, 2015

According to ratings firms NetMarketShare and StatCounter, and against all odds, Windows 10 has apparently managed to acquire a 0.375 percent market share of the world's PC operating systems.

Initially, most industry analysts were not expecting such positive numbers, however, so the news come a bit as a surprise.

Microsoft released Windows 10 last Wednesday, meaning it had a chance to make a mark on the month-by-month desktop OS market share data we gather every month.

To be sure, Netmarketshare had Windows 10 estimated at about 0.39 percent of the traffic it sees hitting web servers regularly.

For its part, StatCounter had it at about 0.36 percent, for our averaged headline figure of 0.375 percent.

Microsoft had said that it has activated about fourteen million Windows 10 devices in the twenty-four hours after its launch.

Another report claims that a Microsoft rep said that number rose to 67 million by July 31, although that number has not been confirmed yet.

We also had a brief look at the mobile OS market to see if Windows 10 has made an impact there in its early days.

We're not in a position to say at this point in time since neither ratings firm added Windows 10 to their July reports yet.

It's not been disclosed if this was because there was no traffic to record, or because they couldn't be bothered at looking at the numbers for a second time.

The two companies otherwise report business more or less as usual for the last month. StatCounter reported a slight increase for Windows 7, from 53.71 percent to 54.67 percent, and a smaller growth for Windows 8.1 from 16.41 percent to 16.85 percent.

Netmarketshare reported small drops for both operating systems, to 60.75 and 13.09 percent respectively.

Not surprisingly, Windows XP's decline slowed again, shedding just 0.02 percent according to Statcounter and 0.24 percent according to Netmarketshare.

Netmarketshare had Windows 8 dipping below the three percent mark, to 2.77 percent, and StatCounter has Windows Vista settling on exactly two percent.

August's data promises to be interesting as well, as Windows 10 will have reached a lot more machines by the time the month ends.

If Microsoft has its own way, it will just about kill off Windows 8 and 8.1 within just a few weeks. We'll be back in early September to look at the updated numbers.

Source: NetMarketShare and StatCounter.

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