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July 2009 OS News Archives

Welcome to OS Today. This website is fully dedicated to news and the latest developments in today's modern computer and server operating systems. The news here are updated twice daily and come from the four corners of the world. If you need to know what's happening with Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, Solaris, IBM's AIX, HP's UX or any other operating system, you've come to the right place. Bookmark this website by clicking here.

Jul. 31, 2009
Is the CentOS project at risk?

Jul. 30, 2009
Microsoft issues new security patches to protect IE

Jul. 28, 2009
IBM to acquire analytics firm SPSS for $1.2 billion

Jul. 27, 2009
Defcon runs July 30th through August 1st

Jul. 26, 2009
Microsoft surprises the Linux and open source community

Jul. 23, 2009
A new open source lobbying group launches today

Jul. 22, 2009
Vietnamese PC maker offers new Linux netbook

Jul. 20, 2009
Is Mozilla's new Firefox version safe to use?

Jul. 17, 2009
Microsoft needs to beef up the security inside Windows' OS

Jul. 16, 2009
Will Google's new Chrome OS really fly?

Jul. 15, 2009
Microsoft to offer free Internet-based Office Suite

Jul. 15, 2009
Microsoft launches Windows Marketplace for mobile apps

Jul. 14, 2009
Microsoft continues its agressive data center projects

Jul. 13, 2009
Symbian open-sources its mobile operating system

Jul. 12, 2009
The reasons why Microsoft isn't as powerful as before

Jul. 10, 2009
Hackers steal FTP passwords of Symantec, McAfee and others

Jul. 9, 2009
Another security flaw is discovered in Window's IE

Jul. 9, 2009
Will Google beat Microsoft at its own game?

Jul. 7, 2009
More from the rumor mill: a new Sony Ericsson Android handset?

Jul. 7, 2009
Nokia won't be selling an Android-based smartphone

Jul. 6, 2009
Cisco offers new Linux-powered wireless router

Jul. 4, 2009
Novell now using quality assurance (QA) testing tools

Jul. 3, 2009
Red Hat and Ubuntu offer new cloud certification program

Jul. 2, 2009
The London Stock Exchange moves its trading to Linux

Jul. 2, 2009
Open source operating systems for smartphones to double in 5 years

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